Safety has been a major consideration throughout the design of the XCS 427. See below for the safety features;

  •  Full height and full width chassis designs for improved protection. 

  •  Crumple zones incorporated to front and rear.

  •  Structurally integrated, braced, 2" diameter, driver and passenger roll hoops.

  •  XCS high-back seats for whiplash protection.

  •  Full-harness seat belt anchorages as standard.

  •  Safety collapsible steering column.

  •  Offset upper and lower steering shaft UJ's.

  •  Top quality safety steering wheel with collapsible boss.

  •  Fuel tank sited to front of boot for greater rear-end impact protection (and improved polar moment of inertia) without loss of boot space.

  •  Optimised braking system with balance-bar Tilton pedal box. 

  • Camber Compensation & Anti-Roll suspension, front & rear, for greater grip and improved driver control.