• Bespoke Halibrand-design, 3-piece, polished aluminium wheels complete with spinners – 18”/19" hybrid fronts and 19” rears.

  • XCS handmade, stainless-steel, twin side-pipe exhausts with 4-into-1 collector assemblies.

  • New light-gauge, 6” diameter, dome-ended side-pipe assemblies providing VOSA dB approved, free-flow, absorption silencing.

  • XCS slim-stem, stainless steel, screen-mounted, exterior mirrors.

  • XCS curved-blade, polished aluminium side vents.

  • XCS 2" diameter, stainless steel, braced roll hoops.

  • Twin, low-profile Aston-style, fuel tank filler caps.

  • XCS polished aluminium, concealed boot hinges.

  • Nose-mounted aerofoil splitter.

  • Stainless steel meshed brake ducts and chin scoop.

  • Chromed lockable bonnet and boot handles.

  • Lockable fuel fillers.

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